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Treatment for Acid Reflux

Heartburn or Acid Reflux can be very painful but there are things that we can do to ease the pain. The causes of heartburn is not yet clear and there are hearsay saying that the causes of acid reflux are eating too fast, not eating much, spicy foods and fruits that are high in acid. What you should is to observe yourself and avoid food that triggers your heartburn.

Here are some ways that can help you ease the pain when acid reflux attacks you.

The pain of acid reflux can be excruciating but even if you want to lie down because of the pain try to stand. When you are standing, the gravity is helping you to keep the acid in your stomach.

After eating, do not lie down right away and do not bend. Always stand straight or sit straight. A short and slow walking can also help.

When you feel that acid reflux will about to attack, drink a large amount of water right away. Water can help flush the acids from your esophagus back to your stomach.

Drink tea for heartburn. You can also drink water with ginger. Add teaspoon of root ginger that is freshly grated in boiling water and wait for 10 minutes before you drink it. Ginger helps your muscles to be relaxed so the acid in the stomach can’t be pushed upwards.

According to herbalist, the tea created from fennel, caraway and anise seed can take away the heartburn. You can do this by adding 2 teaspoon of any of them in a cup with boiling water, rest for 10 minutes, strain it and afterwards you can drink it.

Your saliva can help calm your stomach acid so chew something that will generate saliva like sugar-free chewing gum.

Juices from radishes, cucumbers and carrots can help to calm down the acid from the stomach because of the alkaline from these vegetables. You can add a little salt and pepper to have a flavour. You can also eat these vegetables raw.

Milk and apple a day can also help you cure your acid reflux.

But first, before you take anything be sure that what you are feeling is not due to other sickness to avoid complications. It is always best to visit your doctor before taking anything.

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