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Social Network Savvy Seniors- Building Relationships and More

Social networking is all the rage. In today’s society, in fact, you’re likely to find more people that use social networking than those who don’t. Even a lot of the people in my age group are using these websites and solutions to connect with their families far away. Did you even know there are online dating sites for seniors now? I was shocked that there were enough people who knew how to use the internet that such a site was even necessary. It is, though, and it’s interesting to see what it’s doing to change the world of relationships.

Social networks are a great tool that can help a lot of people with their relationships. It’s easy to connect with family and friends that are further away, and even halfway around the world. Although the primary audience is teens and young adults, there are actually many active adults who are starting to get involved in social networking because they realize the potential that it has. You can keep up with your kids and grandkids in real time, connect with friends who live far away, and so much more.

I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated when I first started using social networks. My kids all live far away, though, and they were bugging me to give it a try. “C’mon Mom, you’ll be able to see tons of pictures and keep track of what we’re up to” they said. They didn’t know it, but they had me at pictures. I decided to give it a try. Luckily, I decided wisely. I’m not on a lot, but I can keep up with the family and check in on my friends. I’ve even found a couple of people from my past.

Now, some people are going to argue that those who are in your past belong there. I don’t think that for a second. I think that if you have a chance to use something like technology to renew connections, make better connections, or to reach out to people around you, that’s something that you should take full advantage of. That way, you can get more out of your retirement and technology at once so that you can have a better time. Social network websites aren’t hard, or they wouldn’t be if they’d quit changing them every two seconds (hint, hint Facebook). If you do a little investigating, you’ll be able to handle the basics in no time at all.

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